Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fifteen Fun Facts: Jeff Cohen/E.J. Copperman

This week, Midnight Ink presents Fifteen Fun Facts about Jeff Cohen (otherwise known as E.J. Copperman), author of the Asperger's Mysteries. His latest, The Question of the Unfamiliar Husband, will be out tomorrow!

1. I am an unapologetic New York Yankees fan.
2. I have owned three rescue dogs. The current one is a beagle named Gizmo.
3. I can play an almost-decent version of “Here Comes the Sun.”
4. One of my children teaches algebra in the Bronx.
5. I once sold a pretzel to Yogi Berra.
6. I spent 20 years writing screenplays with various degrees of no success.
7. I will not eat fish. No. Not even that one.
8. I played Barnaby Tucker in “The Matchmaker” in high school. Killed.
9. I’m not fat. I’m just the wrong height.
10. I am a feminist. In fact, I might be two feminists.
11. I spend hours playing Mac Brickout but I’m really writing.
12. I drive two Priuses (Prii?). Not at the same time.
13. My town has a Kosher Dunkin Donuts.
14. I’m allergic to rabbits.
15. Currently I’m listening to Circe Link. But Paul Melancon and A.J. Croce are great, too.

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