Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween is finally here at Llewellyn!!!

Here are some pics from our Halloween party...  more to come!!  Comment on your favorite pics and you'll be entered to win a copy of Mind Over Monsters by Jenna Harlow!!  A winner will be picked on Monday, October 31st.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Win Mind Over Monsters by Jennifer Harlow

Tricks & Treats: What is your favorite Halloween costume? Answer by FRIDAY for a chance to win MIND OVER MONSTERS by Jennifer Harlow!

Comment on Midnight Ink's twitter feed (@midnightinkbook) and you could win a copy of Mind Over Monsters!!

Mind Over Monsters


“Jennifer Harlow’s debut novel had me laughing and gasping from start to finish!”—VICTORIA LAURIE, New York Times bestselling author of the Ghost Hunter Mystery series and the Psychic Eye Mystery series

“Wonderful! A gritty, dramatic police-procedural with a compelling heroine and a fascinating group of sidekicks. Looking forward to the sequel!”—KAREN CHANCE, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Cassandra Palmer series

"The most engaging detectives to face the walking dead since Scully and Mulder. Part urban fantasy, part police procedural, and entirely marvelous, monstrous fun."

"If Donald Westlake had ever gotten around to writing a paranormal mystery, it would have sounded like this. Harlow's genre debut is funny, creepy and refreshingly brash."

"Mind Over Monsters is funny, scary, and creepy—and ridiculous amounts of fun!"

"Mind Over Monsters is a non-stop rollercoaster ride that fans of urban fantasy will love! Fast-paced, fun, and wildly entertaining, Jennifer Harlow has given the paranormal police procedural a fresh spin with her loveable machete-wielding heroine. A quirky cast of characters and sharp writing make Mind Over Monsters a wholly wonderful debut. I can't wait to read more!"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As you can imagine, Halloween is a big deal here at Llewellyn/Midnight Ink/Flux.  As departments we dress up and decorate our cubes for our big party.  We bring food and treats.  Planning starts sometime in June and the dis-information starts circulating soon after.  Here are some photos of Halloween's past:

I will add more photos as we near Halloween!!  And of course, the day of, I will post as many as I can, especially since Acquisitions plans to win it all this year!  :)

Also stay tuned for a Twitter give-away next week.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

daily ramblings


My little guy Luc declaring the
Packers as #1.

Today has been one of those days...  dealing with all sorts of random things that have come up that somehow keeps me from getting any actual work done.  Well, that isn't quite true, I am getting lots of work done, but it doesn't feel like it.  Unfortunately, when days start like this, it's hard to get out of that ADD mode and dig into a manuscript or contract.  Today you will just have to put up with random thoughts and ramblings.  :)

First let me say that I am so happy to be a Cheesehead these days.  The Green Bay Packers are off to an amazing start.  This weekend we play the St. Louis Rams...  poor Rams.  That's about all I can say.  Oh yeah, the Claymaker is scary good.  And Aaron Rogers is the best quarterback in the NFL right now.

While we are talking about football... have y'all seen the Wisconsin Badgers this year?  Holy cows.  Wisconsin football is a lot like Wisconsin basketball... methodical, pound it out kind of play.  But this year, the football Badgers have a little more flash.  Credit starting quarterback Russell Wilson for bringing in not only a great arm, but great leadership.
Go Bucky!!

Now, it's October and in Wisconsin we naturally have turned to football and beer.  After all, we really excel in the area of beer making!  But what is this???  The Brewers are still playing?  And there is some crazy frenetic energy going on in centerfield.  He seems so little 6 foot tall and 175 pounds.  But Nyjer Morgan is pure energy and he is a spark ignites a crazy fanbase.  Yes, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder are the big guns. 
But Nyjer is just a whole lotta fun to watch.  :)

Nyjer Morgan - bringing a special energy
to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Here are some websites that distract me when I should be working:

This Is Why I'm Broke - 'enuf said
LOLcats - not only are the LOLcats great, but the historic LOLs and Failbook crack me up
Sconnie Nation - you can get all your funny Wisconsin gear here.
Regretsy - caution - you may loose an entire day to this site...  sorry if it's not your type of humor...
Tarot Reading Psychic - love tarot - does anyone not know about woot?  it's where I get all my cool t-shirts.  :)

umm...  I think that is about all for today.  Hope the Brewers win tonight!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

InkSpot: When One Thing Leads To Another…

InkSpot: When One Thing Leads To Another…: by Kathleen Ernst I’ve mentioned here before that I often write in coffee shops. This post is about some nice and unexpected things that ...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


OMG.  Where have I been?  Let's see...  Denver for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference then to St. Louis for Bouchercon.  Came home with a cold, yuck, and now I am finally going to post some pictures.  I had a great time - chatted with lots of old friends and made a whole bunch more new ones.  :)

our booth

Funny man Alan Orloff
The Inker bowling team -
Jessie Chandler, Darrell James, Kathleen Ernst, Jess Lourey
Terri Bischoff and Steven Pomije
Jessie 2 and Jessie 1.  Jessie 1 always closes her eyes when I try a sneak attack photo...
Jessie Chandler and me

Lois Winston signed ARCs of Death by Killer Mop Doll
Jess Lourey with her eyes open :)

Darrell, Steven, Jessie C, Lois and Alan
Kathleen Ernst