Monday, September 22, 2014

Midnight Ink Monthly: September Edition

Midnight Ink Monthly's September Edition featured an essay from author Nina Milton. Check it out below.

Can a Shaman Find a Serial Killer?

Sabbie Dare walked into my life one day, as if she was already a fully-formed person.  That doesn't happen to me as a writer very often, and I grabbed the chance to write about this spunky twenty-eight-year-old.  She helped me create the Shaman Mystery series.

I'd been practicing shamanic techniques for a few years, and knew quite a few shaman who had set up a therapy business rather like Sabbie's.  They loved their work, despite the irregular hours and the terrible pay, but I could see that they never knew who would walk into their therapy rooms next. People who visit a shaman have all sorts of troubles . . . and can be hiding desperate secrets.  

In the first of the series, In the Moors, a man called Cliff Houghton starts seeing Sabbie Dare about his depression . . . and his terrible obsession with a series of child killings.  In the second, Unraveled Visions, Sabbie is approached by Mirela Brouviche, a young Romany from Bulgaria, who's frightend and alone after the disappearance of her sister.  

Each situation throws Sabbie into jeopardy, but she uses her shamanic visions—and her sound common sense—to help her get to the root of a mystery.  What I love the most about her is that once she has a whiff of the answers, she does not let go, however menacing things get.  
Learn more about Sabbie in Unraveled Visions by Nina Milton, available  now!

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