Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Wow.  Those are some stunning covers...
I would like you all to meet Mark Mallen. He's a junkie, but not just any junkie. See, he's a former undercover cop that started using drugs to help his cover. He thought he could just shoot some drugs and it wouldn't be a big deal. Wrong. Now, four years removed from police duty AND having left his wife and daughter behind, a chance for redemption comes knocking.
Mallen's old police academy buddy Eric seems to have fallen into the same dark hole as Mallen. Eric also became a junkie and landed a stint in jail. When Eric is murdered, the police find Mallen's number in Eric's pocket. As the prime suspect in Eric's murder, Mallen is forced to get clean and find the real killer. (SERIES AND AUTHOR DEBUT)

English copper Jim Grant is in Boston for a quick and easy assignment - to interview a suspect in some robberies back in the UK. But trouble seems to find Grant when he is almost blown up when he attempts to interview Freddy Sullivan. Never one to walk away from the case, Grant looks up associates of Sullivan. One public stand off and several bruised and beaten bad guys later, Grant is dubbed the Resurrection Man. And it's very clear that the Ressurection Man, an outsider on a mission, is the only one who can clean up the streets and political offices of Boston. (SERIES DEBUT)
Check out old Fiddlesticks cabin if you dare... Set deep in the Appalacian Mountains, Fiddlesticks cabin is the site of a decades old double homicide. When a group of college aged students decide to stay at the cabin for a night, one of the girls is violently murdered and the killer carves disturbing symbols into her body.
County sheriff Jerry Cochran is handling the investigation and all the evidence points to Nick Statton, a handsome raptor center specialist and the supervisor of the murdered girl. Nick turns to attorney Mary Crow for help and it's up to Mary to dig out the truth - about Nick, the girl, and Fiddlesticks. Page turning suspense that you won't want to miss. Trust me. (CONTINUATION OF THE MARY CROW SERIES PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED)

The wedding of a friend and fellow real estate agent brings Darby Farr back to her hometown Hurricane Harbor, Maine. Darby has barely stomped the snow off her boots when she learns that the police chief's assistant, Lorraine Delvecchio, slipped on her daily walk and fell into the freezing coastal waters, her body found by a local lobsterman. While everyone assumes it was an accident, the police chief doesn't buy it and asks Darby to do some poking around. Darby discovers Lorraine was far from innocent and the list of suspects is rather long.  Between real estate deals and wedding preparations, Darby needs to uncover a killer before she ends up the next victim. (BOOK FOUR IN THE SERIES)
Pretty good stuff, right?  Well, go out and get your copy now!  Print books are already in stores and ebooks will be available for download on April 8th.  And by all means, let me know what you think!  Feel free to post comments here or on facebook!

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