Sunday, November 18, 2012

And The Big Bang Launched...

So, Midnight Ink acquiring editor Terri Bischoff here.  I am taking over Linda's blog for today.  You see, I am in Denver and attended Linda's book launch.  And let me tell you, it was awesome!

(As most of you know, I was a former bookstore owner.  I owned and operated Booked for Murder in Madison, WI for five years.  In that time, we hosted many bookstore events.  A solid event consisted of 30-40 people attending...)

Anyway... back to Linda's signing.  I arrived at The Tattered Cover in LoDo about 40 minutes before the event was scheduled to start.  After grabbing a coffee, I browsed and waited for people to arrive.  The store staff had put out about 100 chairs, but as the people started rolling in, they began adding rows...  and more rows... and then the folks that came in at the end had to stand at the back of the room.  When all was said and done, over 175 people were there for Linda's launch.  The air was electric and amazingly positive.  There was an incredibly strong showing of family and friends, and those in the Denver writing community...  people that supported Linda thru the tough times all writers face before they become published authors.

Because of folks rolling in a bit late - I am sure it was the tough parking in the downtown area - the event started a little late.  After being introduced by Charles of Tattered Cover, Linda took the stage.  And then the real magic happened.  I have heard Linda speak in the past, but Thursday night was special.  Funny, as always, but also gracious and humble.  Linda spoke of her writing journey, thanking those who have supported her and helped her along the way.  She spoke of her friendships with Ben LeRoy and myself.  Friendships that evolved into business relationships that none of us expected.  Linda then read a bit and answered questions.  When Linda started signing books, the line seemed to go on forever.  After signing over one hundred books, Linda finally was free to join the party at the bar around the corner.  And that was rockin.  Wine, beer, appetizers and pizza.  Linda was the star and shined the brightest on Thursday night.

So I will sign off saying, Linda - congrats on your magical evening.  It was perfect in every possible way.  I am proud of you.  :)  Now, please make sure my own section of the liquor cabinet is restocked and my room redecorated for my next visit!

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