Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sholes and Moore contest winner - June new releases

We just drew the name for the lucky winner of signed first editions of Sholes and Moore's first two books in the Cotton Stone series.

And the winner is...


So Nina - send me your address and you'll have these wonderful books in no time!  (submissions at

Twice as DeadYesterday also marked the official release of two Midnight Ink books - Twice as Dead by Sue Ann Jaffarian and The Phoenix Apostles by Lynn Sholes and Joe Moore.

Twice as Dead features plus sized sleuth Odelia Grey and her cast of family and friends.  Odelia seems to be attracted to dead bodies - she just seems to stumble over them all the time!  And in this instance, she finds the body of a wedding planner at her best friend's daughter's wedding.  Once Odelia starts digging, more bodies start turning up...

The Phoenix ApostlesThe Phoenix Apostles brings us Seneca Hunt, a journalist who is almost killed while on an archeological dig with her fiance.  Wanting to find the truth behind her fiance's death, Seneca begins investigating and finds that someone is stealing burial remains from some of the most infamous murderers in history.  This thriller will not disappoint!! 

I do apologize for not drawing the winners yesterday...  unfortunately, I had to go to the dentist.  I hate the dentist, but a toothache forced me to go in.  I will gladly accept symptathy hugs and of course, gifts of food to help me overcome this traumatic event.


Lois Winston said...

Ouch! Sending a cyber hug, Terri! Hope it was merely a cavity and not root canal. I'd send chocolate, but with this heat wave, you'd probably wind up with chocolate soup by the time it arrived.

Marne Ann said...

A belated hug and an "oh, you poor dear," Terri! I'm so sorry to hear you were in pain. I hate dentists (so bad, I once bit one.) Needless to say, Valium is my dentist's friend when I'm on the roster (for me, not him).
On a happier note, "Twice as Dead" sounds fantastic! I love a good plus-sized heroine in any genre!!!