Friday, April 15, 2011

Once Upon a Crime

Every now and then I will dedicate a blog to someone in the crime fiction industry that deserves some recognition.  Today I am proud to give a shout out to Once Upon a Crime owners Pat and Gary.  I first met them when I owned Booked for Murder.  We only ever talked via email, but I could tell they were incredibly kind and dedicated book people.

When I moved up here to the Twin Cities, I made sure to make a trip to OUAC as soon as I could.  They have such a fantastic store.  And finally meeting Pat and Gary in person was lovely.  Pat acts like my mom, chiding me to eat more or to take better care of myself, but that is Pat and I wouldn't want her any other way.  She genuinely cares for her customers - it feels like a big family. 

This year, Pat and Gary are being honored at the Edgar Awards.  They are receiving the Raven Award, which is for outstanding achievement beyond the realm of creative writing.  They will receive the award on April 28th.
Inker Jessie Chandler and her book at Once Upon a Crime's Write of Spring 2011

Outstanding achievement?  You better believe it.  Pat and Gary go out of their way to support authors in any way that they can.  Each year they host a Write of Spring event where 40 Minnesota authors are showcased.  They host 6-10 author events a month.  They read voraciously and handsell like the mad.  And they are succeeding in a time when the book world is a little shaky.  How do they do it?  Love of the store, for their local authors and community and for the larger crime fiction community. 

If you are ever in the Twin Cities, make sure you stop in and see for yourself.  I would bet you'll walk out with a armful of books and a huge smile on your face.  I always do!

And, in free books news, I now have over 50 followers so we'll be giving away at least two sets of books!!!  Thanks everyone.  Keep spreading the word and I'll be happy to give away even more!


Alan Orloff said...

I love people who are passionate about books! I may have to make a pilgrimage to the Twin Cities!

Marne said...

Wow. Huge congratulations to Pat and Gary for the Raven Award honor. People like you are partly responsible for making reading such a joy for so many others... Your love is contagious. I hope I can get to your store some day, just to meet you (and buy a book or two, of course )