Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 2 of blogging

It's day two and I don't know what to say today!  *PANIC*

Ok, well, not full-fledged panic, but still, I had a lot of ideas, where did they all go?  I'll tell you, right out of my swiss cheese brain.  Lately I have been having a hard time keeping track of time in general, but also where I am in process with any given book.  In the past I could easily forget what I did the weekend before or what day it was, but I would remember the order of a ton of mystery series, the major plotlines of most books, etc.  I had a great booksellers brain.  But in the publishing world, we skip around in time contstantly.  Today I have a vision meeting for two Spring/Summer 2012 books.  At the same time, back cover copy is routing for Spring/Summer 2011 books.

I am also organizationally-challenged.  Here is my desk:

And I cleaned it off a bit yesterday!

If I were a writer, I would be one who wrote by the seat of my pants.  No outline.  Writing, then going back and changing something in the first chapter, writing more, changing more...  The editor who sits across from me, her desk is clean and perfect.  She cleans out her email inbox and organizes all of her files accordingly.  UGH.  I don't understand those people!  How do they do it?

Recently I created a rather large spreadsheet that contained all the important dates for each book in the Spring/Summer 2012 catalog.  If it helps me organize and keep me on track, I will continue to do it.  I also color coded my meetings in my Outlook calendar to help my eye catch when I have specific meetings.  I hate when they sneak up on me.  And finally, tomorrow I will create a blog calendar, so I don't stare at the blank post page!  I think all this organizing might give me hives.  Good thing the weekend is coming!

Have a great day!

Same spot ...


gbpackergirl76 said...

Hello, my desk is NOT clean! And when I cleaned out my email inbox, there were unreturned messages from July. Gulp... This Mercury retrograde has been good for me: renewal. I hope it continues...

Shannon said...

I want to sleep like that!